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2 days

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Even though the website was quite simple (about five inner screens) it was still challenging to take into consideration the failed attempts from a previous redesign, to learn what didn‘t work that time, and to make sure my redesign doesn‘t fall into the same trap.

So, I jumped in straight away to analyze the old design and quickly shared mockups with the client, multiple times a day. In just two business days, I managed to produce a high-fidelity interface design for the website, and a basic style guide to help development be on the same track as my design intention.

Of course, this would‘ve not been possible if Nathan didn‘t deliver all materials to me at record speed, such as content and photos, to form the design as a whole.

Flows and Wireframes

Style Guide

Custom craft

Visual Design

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I'm the chief operating officer of New Life Scientific. We sell used lab equipment for research applications in university settings or drug development or therapeutics various other interesting scientific manufacturers and companies. This is a video review for Bojan, who did some web design work for us. And I've worked with Bojan in the past. I approached Bojan with an urgent design project. I'd had a website redesigned, done, and ha
Nathan Arant
COO, New Life Scientific

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