Companies I work with at the moment

UX/UI & Motion Graphics
Jun 2021 - Present
A. Team
Product Designer
April 2022 - Present
CoBabble Logo
UX/UI Designer
May 2021 - Present
Bojan Mitevski making illustrations

My Story

Back in 2014 I started exploring graphic design and fell in love with it. I started attending online courses, reading books, and watching countless number of videos on this topic.

Once I felt comfortable employing my skills, I started part-time freelancing. I landed my first client after which new clients just kept coming in.

Once I exhausted all resources for learning and realizing that UX/UI is the area of my interest, I enrolled in a private academy. During that time, motion graphics caught my eye and I started learning more about it simultaneously.

Hard work, works!

I then decided to start working full-time in this field as a solopreneur and focus mostly on UX/UI design and motion graphics.

Here I am, a couple of years later, with more than 100 successful projects and over 50 clients from all around the world under my belt.

My Tools

Based on my extensive experience, utilizing the proper tools and connecting them in a proper way is of paramount importance for efficient and quality delivery.

Adobe After Effects Freelancer For Hire

Adobe After Effects

The standard tool for motion graphics andvisual effects. I rely on After Effects to generate visually astonishing work.

Adobe XD Freelancer For Hire

Adobe XD

This prototyping tool helps me create wireframes, prototypes, and screen designs for digital products, including websites and mobile apps.

Adobe Illustrator Freelancer For Hire

Adobe Illustrator

With this rofessional vector-based design and drawing program I can capture my creative vision withshapes, color, effects, and typography.

Adobe Photoshop Freelancer For Hire

Adobe Photoshop

This photo editing and manipulation software helps me edit and manipulate digitalimages and create intricate digital paintings and drawings that mimic thosedone by hand.

My Upwork clients

I strongly believe that an online freelance platform like Upwork brings HUGE trust to my future projects.

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