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Braso AG has recently developed a new mobile app that allows users processing of orders, from initial contact through time recording to receipt of payment.. They have asked me to help them promote their app and increase the number of downloads.

What I did

Custom animations
Web Design
Custom illustrations


3 weeks

Live Project

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The best approach is to ceate a landing page dedicated to promoting the app. The landing page included a clear and concise description of the app's features, benefits, and how to download it. We also included a prominent call-to-action button to download the app and a link to the app store.

To increase engagement and encourage users to download the app, we added custom animations, customer reviews and ratings, and an FAQ section to answer common questions. We also integrated social media buttons to allow users to share the app with their friends and followers.

To drive traffic to the landing page, I utilized search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, such as keyword research, meta descriptions, and title tags.

Flows and Wireframes

Style Guide

Custom craft

Visual Design

Development hands-off



Bojan created a website for our new product, a web app. Starting with the wireframe until the last round of editing, the process was always clear. His creative input was very welcome and his implementation on a very professional level. The custom animations he created get our message across even better. His versatility is amazing and highly recommendable. The project was topped off by his uncomplicated and very congenial collaboration.
Vivienne Lorenc

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