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Anfield Ltd requires a new website for their ventures company. This website will serve as a platform to showcase their portfolio, introduce their team, provide information about the company, and include a contact page.

What I did

Custom animations
Custom illustrations
Web Design


1 Month

Live Project

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This project encompassed various aspects, including color theory, font selection, the creation of custom wireframes, motion interactions, and the development of the website's visual design. Implemented these elements using Webflow, which also included setting up a CMS.

Flows and Wireframes

Style Guide

Custom craft

Custom Hero Illustration

Team Hover Effect

Portfolio Hover Effect

Visual Design

Development hands-off



Bojan is a multi-faceted tool. One day he can work on pure art, picking colors, sketching, animating, and the other day he can be building website, standardizing web components, and discussing UI/UX.His mindset is designed for ground-up projects, with a startup mentality, unafraid of brainstorming, ideating, and getting to the goal where everyone is happy. At this point, Bojan is a friend, and I would highly recommend working with him!
Benjamin Kolber
General Partner, Anfield ltd.

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