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April 22, 2021

Live Project

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Youtil is a CSR campaign organized by P&G (Procter & Gamble) Romania to promote P&G products and its subsidiary companies in the country. The website aims at bringing valuable donations from Romanian customers to those who are in need as a part of their charity campaigns held across the country. The consumers also receive rewards on purchasing and donating a small amount to the charities organized by P&G Romania. The platform offers exclusive offers and personalized contents regarding P&G products and aims to increase consumer participation in charity events organized by the firm. The customers also get to participate in various contests arranged by P&G Romania as a part of the promotional program launched by the organization.


Youtil would always have a personal space in my heart as the platform aims to generate money for those who are in need through charity fundraisers and events. One of the constraints the founders faced during the website launch was on how to increase the popularity of the platform. The website used to offer various offers to attract youngsters into doing charity. They wanted to design the platform in a way to attract as many users belonging to various age groups to participate in charity events, simultaneously promoting the brand products.

Solution of the Problem

The problems faced by Youtil were easily solved by implementing a simple but visually stunning website incorporating various primary colors as the main color theme. The website was designed not only to highlight the Charity events and fundraisers but also emphasized the various products and subsidiary companies that came under P&G. The inclusion of blogs, details of the organized dynamic campaigns, and advertisements of the P&G products brought a lot of attention to the platform.
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The Process



Customer persona was created based on the data provided by P&G Romania. P&G has a wide variety of consumer products that are used by people all over the globe regardless of age, gender, and nationality. The details such as most purchased product, customer age group, type of product, average money spent by a customer on P&G products every month were taken into consideration while creating the persona.

Customer journey

The UI/UX was designed to project the campaigns and P&G products to the potential customers. Consumers have to buy at least one P&G product from any Romanian retailer and need to upload the receipt on the website. If the receipt is valid the customer gets a chance to win rewards and vouchers. For every valid participation, P&G donates to the cause that the consumer selected while registering for the campaign on the website.

Style guide

Based on their branding, I have used bold primary colors and their various shades to design the platform. The fonts were selected to highlight the P&G logo and products. Colors such as green, yellow, blue are used throughout the platform along with some other colors.

Custom illustrations


Wireframes created for this project gave me an overall idea on how to point out the main agenda of the platform, i.e. to increase the participation of the charity program.

Visual design

The visual design was created after carefully inspecting and rearranging the functionalities in an organized manner such that the customer gets a very clear and precise idea of what all services and features the platform offer to them. The design highlights the P&G products and charity campaigns organized by the firm. The UI/UX also supports various browsers and gives information on the latest news and blogs related to P&G products as well as general topics.


The website was designed and the user experience was enhanced which led to an increased consumer participation and charity donations. The website was visited by many P&G consumers as well as guest users which increased the popularity of the charity.