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December 22, 2021

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Vesputi platform allows various transportation companies and developers to integrate more details regarding their available services, ticketing prices, etc. This is the largest B2B sales network for transport companies and public utilities. It basically helps them become a mobility service provider by enabling them to integrate public transport as an additional service into their existing offers. It also makes buses and trains more accessible, especially for customers who use occasional trips.


Vesputi’s old website wasn’t designed intuitively, wasn’t appealing to users, and lacked basic features and website functionality. I wanted to redesign the website with an interactive layout and user interface to enhance the user experience.

Solution of the Problem

After getting the overview of the problem, I stepped into understanding the user’s needs through the user persona and finding the design inspiration through competitive analysis. Unfortunately, at this point, all I had was a ready product without any brand look that needed redesigning. I redesigned Vesputi’s website to reduce confusion among users when they look for the details of services and ideas. Founders of Vesputi were involved all the time helping to get the best solution possible.
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The Process

Competitive research is one of the most important aspects when building an experience that will benefit businesses and users and fill in gaps needed to avoid issues later. I analyzed Vesputi’s competitors, such as passengers, tech, Wattmobile, Drivy. This step helped me gather insights about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. These insights helped me identify redundancies in the existing design that my design might address.


I created a persona to represent Vesputi’s potential audience. It helped me address the significant needs of the most important user groups. The example taken here is based on a common customer (tourists, a person traveling from one city to another for business, job purposes, or an urgent cause) who access the public transport for traveling from one place to another. The persona is both fictional and realistic.

Customer journey

Style guide

Vesputi wanted a minimalist design with a limited number of colors. So, after the initial design process, I created style guide to further define brand image with color system, typography, icons, and illustrations by considering Vesputi’s needs. This guide will assist in designing the user interface.

Custom illustrations


I helped improve on the existing screens, buttons, and all sorts of other artwork, trying to create something that looks clean, modern, and simple to use. Then I helped define functionality, content, and navigation through wireframes. This enabled me to examine my ideas before putting everything into the website building process.

Visual design

I created clickable prototypes using Figma, maintaining interaction and visual consistency to communicate the design strategy effectively. This helped me visualize how the actual website will look and function.


In the end, I redesigned a simple and intuitive website that would be easily accessible to users. A step-by-step plan allowed me to redesign the website in a user-centric way. “Beauty” is a highly subjective assessment. However, when it comes to web design, “good looks” usually mean a convenient layout, aesthetically pleasing typography and iconography, crisp visuals, and other on-site design elements that differentiate your platform from others. Since Vesputi was very specific in their requirements, the UI/ UX design was created to align with their ideologies and to portray their services comprehensively The new design will offer solutions to the existing challenges and essential functionalities to enhance users’ experience. These factors increase the pleasurability of interacting with the site and make mobility adaption and public transport integration an easy process. I followed a light design style because I wanted the project to come off friendly and ultimately not give off a technical “database” vibe. Instead, the design will give users a familiar and delightful experience.