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October 30, 2020

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Numio used to run their business without a website. However, due to the need to attract more clients, they realized that having a website is the most crucial step they can take towards success. So, they hired me to help them design their website so that it meets their clients' needs while at the same time attracting new clients.


Numio wanted to create a safe and decentralized platform using blockchain technology for crypto payments. They wanted to develop a website that promised secured, fast, and protected crypto payments to avoid data piracy and data theft. They wanted to provide maximum security to their consumers and build a bridge of trust with their users. Numio wanted to design the platform in such a way that the user would be able to navigate to different functionalities effortlessly reducing confusion.

Solution of the Problem

The Numio website is designed in such a way to reduce the number of clicks and sophisticated steps to make a successful payment. The platform offers identity protection and a secured data storage facility to all its consumers. The website UI/UX interface reduced payment complexities since the users were able to make transactions almost effortlessly.
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The Process

Web Design Process of Bojan Mitevski


The platform user persona was created to get a general understanding of the expectations of Numio’s end customers. A detailed insight on customer information such as their age, investment interests, their expectations, the operating systems they mostly use, and other info were collected to bring up a valid persona profile.
User Personas

Customer journey

Designing a seamless UI/UX is a herculean task especially for a complex product like Numio. During the design phase, the functionalities were carefully placed and rearranged in such a way that the user experience could be enhanced. The main focus was redirected to the payment section since the users mostly wanted to make an effortless payment transaction. This was achieved by reducing the number of payment steps and incorporating all the functionalities within a single page, reducing the time spent on multiple clicks.
Information Architecture

Style guide

I believe the most important factor that beautifies an application is not only its user experience but also its aesthetic appearance. Fonts were selected to match the color theme of the application. The green color, one of the main colors that is used in Numio provides a vibrant positive feeling to the users.
Style Guide

Custom illustrations

Custom Icons were created by absorbing the actual needs of the Numio platform. The icons were created to increase the visual appearance of the application pages that matched the Numio color scheme.
Custom icons used


Creating wireframes played a pivotal role in designing the application since it inspired me to make changes and modifications, thus increasing the user experience of the platform. By creating wireframes, I tried to push usability to the forefront in showcasing page layouts at their core and iterated my ideas to build an optimum UI/UX solution for the Numio platform.
Low Fidelity Wireframe

Visual design

Visual designs were finalized after exploring various ideas and integrating various aspects to improve the user experience. The main agenda that I have put forward while designing a complex platform like Numio was to reduce the product sophistication and bring in an easy approach for the users. This was achieved by brainstorming and by creating wireframes which finally led to the fulfillment of the Numio UI/UX design.
Website Visual Design
Website Visual Design Showcase


The new and improved version of the Numio platform was highly accepted in the industry and as a result, 1000+ plus application downloads occurred since its inception in a very short period. The improved platform offered a safe and secured payment methodology and assured identity and data protection to its customers. The wallet served as a reliable storage source for many of its customers which made the Numio platform a highly successful platform.