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February 3, 2021

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Mailtribe is a UK-based Email marketing and Campaign Management Service that provides template integration support for all the major ESPs such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, Adestra, Marketo, etc. The website offers a variety of template packages for its users at a very affordable price that supports various internet platforms without any risks. The platform also provides various discounts and offers, such as promo codes for availing uber eats service to its faithful clients.


Mailtribe was created to reduce the constraints many small-scale organizations faced to find affordable professional email marketing services that boost their business. Mailtribe founders were very keen to provide campaign management services to its clients in a simple, affordable, and efficient way so that any organization, whether it's a start-up, an established institution, or a small scale business, would receive equal and fair services that are affordable for all kinds of users. The Mailtribe website needed to be designed in such a way that the services provided by the platform need to be easily understandable to the audience hence increasing more subscribers and clients.
Mailtribe Office in Congleton, United Kingdom

Solution of the Problem

Mailtribe was able to successfully create its name in the industry by providing feasible and affordable solutions to its customers with the help of its official website. Since the establishment, Mailtribe received a lot of recognition from its clients and its sales went up within a short period. The Mailtribe platform was designed to incorporate various custom icons and graphics to easily communicate with clients regarding the services that they provide to their customers.
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The Process

UX Problem with Solution


Customer persona was created based on the experience of the founder himself who has faced many challenges in receiving proper guidance during the initial stage of one of his ventures in the past.
User Personas

Customer journey

The designing process included finding a feasible and easy solution to display the setup, build and test campaign services. The UI/UX was designed exclusively to give a detailed layout and forecast the pricing of each package and offer to the potential customers.
Customer Journey Map

Style guide

For a platform like Mailtribe, I needed to provide a lot of visually stunning designs to attract more customers since the platform is concentrating on template creation and marketing. However, I have chosen a different path by introducing custom-cartoonish icons that gave a different view to the platform. There wasn't a particular color theme for this application although the crimson blue and ivory white colors stand out a lot. I received inspiration from the beautiful rainbow and its seven colors to come up with the icons and style guides
Style Guide

Custom illustrations

Custom icons and illustrations were created that matched the theme of the platform. They were custom made and designed in a cartoonish way to showcase and convey the idea of “Creative Display of Work”
Custom illustrations used
Custom illustrations used


Wireframes were one of the most important aspects that I have designed in this project. They gave me an idea to consolidate all the icons and place the functionalities without altering the color theme, i.e the rainbow.
High Fidelity Wireframe

Visual design

Visual designs were confirmed after receiving the Mailtribe team’s approval. The overall user experience created was heavily appreciated by the team that greatly improved my confidence, especially the custom icons and graphics that were made exclusively for this project.
Website Visual Design


Mailtribe is striving to be one of the UK's top-rated online email template and campaign marketing providers. They have gained wide appreciation from their clients and users and have customers from across Europe and the UK. Mailtribe was able to deliver marketing services successfully at affordable prices as promised by their founders and with the help of a well-structured and well-designed website, they are aiming high and targeting more global audiences