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April 13, 2022

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Howitzer is the first direct marketing tool for Reddit, specifically made for entrepreneurs, startups, and growth hackers. It works like targeted cold emails, but for Reddit. They managed to get an average response rate of 40-45%, which is quite superior compared to email marketing (3%) and LinkedIn outreach (10%).


The original Howitzer website had an ambiguous design and incomplete website structure. An intuitive website design means that customers can easily learn everything about a certain product, while Howitzer’s original website design lacked in that regard. When the Howitzer team realized that their website is crucial for their business, they contacted me and requested my service and skills. The goal was to completely redesign the website by creating custom artwork which is uniquely valuable for SaaS businesses. This led to Howitzer quickly becoming the Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Solution of the Problem

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The Process


Customer journey

Style guide

Both the team and I were on the same page that the existing colors are what really represent the product and that’s how their brand is recognized. So, we decided to stick to the vibrant orange. Regarding the font, we had several options in mind, but we opted for Poppins. This clean geometric font improves readability and style when used. It also matches up well to the saying “Good design is as little design as possible” by Dieter Rams.

Custom illustrations

Custom illustrations and animations where crucial for describing the process and that’s when we put our creative skills into practice. We started with the hero section as the essential part of any website and the first thing that pops out when you open the site. We realized that this is the section we should use to represent a detailed step-by-step process of how Howitzer product works. Throughout the page, we added some custom illustrations to enhance the user experience and make it more pleasant. In the Pricing page, we wanted to represent each plan as clearly as possible. The goal is to convince customers to spend more, so you’ll notice that the illustrations are cooler as the plan is more expensive.


We worked closely with the Howitzer team to come up with wireframes and we joined forces for better results. The team was responsible for creating the wireframes, while my main responsibility was sanity checking and improving the final draft.

Visual design

We combined the fonts, colors, and custom artwork to boost the aesthetics of the site. We strategically placed each item and paid specific attention to not removing the page function and goal. Throughout this process, our goal was to have a breathtaking visual design which aids the readability and the usability of the website.


The results from the redesigned website and team’s efforts left us speechless. Howitzer won #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week (with much more upvotes than the #1) on Product Hunt! As well as, the following Product Hunt launch statistics: