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December 5, 2020

Live Project

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CoBabble is a multinational real-time knowledge transfer platform that aids its customers to create professional contents so that they could deliver quality articles and journals to their respective clients. The contents don’t always need to be professional in style. The platform provides all sorts of solutions for its customers regarding content writing and the contents can be created as a document or even a video file based on the customer requirement. CoBabble helps to create content related to various industries, such as healthcare, education, retail, engineering, thus reducing paperwork.


The CoBabble platform was initially designed in a sophisticated manner and many users found the platform rather confusing than informative. CoBabble wanted to reduce the complexity of its already existing platform and wanted to redesign the website to enhance the user experience. CoBabble also wanted to feature their mobile application on the home page and provide depth in the website to increase their customer base. Also, they wanted to showcase and highlight their main features in a more pictorial fashion rather than simply listing them as sentences.

Solution of the Problem

As a solution to CoBabble’s problem, I have decided to redesign the platform in such a way that the users get to view the main features of the platform by providing illustrations of the main features on the home page itself. The designing part included rearrangement of the functionalities that increased the user experience of the website and also enabled the users to have a better understanding of the services provided by the platform. The introduction of a combination of bold and light pastel shades gave a whole new outlook to the application.
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The Process



Customer persona was created based on the already existing comments made by the client. The CoBabble clients faced a lot of difficulties when it came to the usability of the platform and hence collected various information, such as average time spent on the platform, type of device they used, the type of service most people preferred, which sector has more clients comparatively, etc. to get a better understanding of the problems they have faced.

Customer journey

The designing process included finding a feasible and easy solution to display the setup, build and test campaign services. The UI/UX was designed exclusively to give a detailed layout and forecast the pricing of each package and offer to the potential customers.

Style guide

I have used the same style guides as that of the already existing platform since I didn't feel altering it would be beneficial to the platform. I took this decision respecting the existing users who are availing of the platform services. However, bold shades of pastel colors were taken and they have been widely used to project the main highlights of the platform. Shades of sage green and bluish-lavender along with a bold purple color were considered to design the screens and pages.

Custom illustrations


Wireframes were necessary for this project as the main objective was to increase the user experience of the platform. Wireframes were created after carefully inspecting the functionalities and their importance in the application. Features such as podcast, contact tags, and QR scanner were carefully placed so that the alignment of these functionalities are up to mark thus enhancing the visual quality of the pages.

Visual design

I was able to come up with a solid visual design because of the wireframes that I have previously created to have a glimpse of how the platform would look like for a real user.


The redesigned website was highly successful such that CoBabble was highly received by many prominent clients from Ireland, Sweden as well as the Middle east. The clients were able to utilize the functionalities in a better way because of the newly improved design and the number of subscribers also increased tremendously within a quarter.