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App Redesign


UX/UI design


January 22, 2021

Live Project

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Delivering Your Content To Your Audience, CoBabble is a simple to use, powerful knowledge transfer platform for businesses and individuals.


The Cobabble app had many usability errors that prevented people from having a great experience. The visual design also needed improvement to be more meaningful. Cobabble UK Limited is a Northern Ireland-based Company that help you with a smarter way to communicate your messages with your tribe. Simple for everyone, Powerful knowledge transfer platform for businesses and individuals. Here are some of the old screens

Solution of the Problem

Like most of my projects, I focused on the Cobabble app content hierarchy first to create a seamless experience. This helped me implement features like Podcast, Live Notification, Built-In QR Scanner, Checklist, Quiz etc. I instantly clicked with them because of our love for products that improve people's lives and create a better experience.
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The Process



To complete the project, I tried to get some surveys from users about their current experiences. Their characteristics and the main insights that I got are based on the survey results.

Customer journey

The customer journey map is a diagram that visually demonstrations the user flow of the application, starting with the initial touchpoint, and continue throughout, and continue throughout the process of purchasing a product and using a long-time loyalty.

Style guide

I love building design systems that are robust and future-proof. I always make sure to create reusable components that foster a consistent user experience and make it easy for our clients to create new screens after the project.

Custom illustrations


The design process started with a simple pen and paper drawings of the low fidelity wireframes. These wireframes were the most basic and fundamental part of starting the process. ‍To create high fidelity wireframes out of the low fidelity ones, I used Adobe XD which is my go-to tool for creating wireframes.

Visual design

I had many brand constraints that challenged me to build upon their identity and create something new. So I pushed the visual direction of the App design by forming a modern interface & great user experience that matched the Cobabble team goals. This also created the foundation of a future identity they can use for future projects.


People loved it, People loved the new design and experience as it helps them stay in touch with family, have more gratitude, and develop deeper relationships.